Blue & Hige
Biographical Information
Real Name: Blue & Hige
Alias: Blue
Age: 22
Species: Wolf-dog/Wolf
Status: Lovers
Physical Description
Gender: Male & Female
Eye color: Blue
Character Information
First appearance: City of Howls
Don't Make Me Blue

"No, Hige, don’t leave me behind!"
Blue to Hige
"I won’t! Please Blue, if I know you’re waiting for me I’ll make it back no matter what! …It’s the only thing that can get me threw this. If I know you’re here. I won’t give up. I’ll do whatever it takes to get back to you. I promise. I’ll never leave you alone Blue."
Hige to Blue

Blue and Hige form the most clear pairing between two wolves in the story. At first Blue was an antagonist and chase the wolves with her master Quent, later (when Blue meet the wolves in different circumstances) Hige doesn't hide to be attracted by her. Blue appears to downplay Hige when talking with other characters (Cher and Cheza), but her feelings are destined to grow stronger.