Cher Degré
Profile - Cher
Japanese: シェール・ドゥグレ
Romanji: Shēru Dugure
First appearance: Episode 1
Occupation: Scientist/Researcher

Hubb Lebowski (Ex-husband)


Retrieval Squad Commander
Lord Darcia III


Researching Cheza

Gender: Female
Hair color: Blonde
Eye color: Light-blue
Voiced by
Japanese: Kaho Kōda
English: Kari Wahlgren

シェール・ドゥグレ (Shēru Dugure, Cher Degré) was a scientist that was involved in the study of Cheza & the ex-wife of Hubb Lebowski.


Cher is an elegant woman with shoulder-length blonde hair, tied in a ponytail with a few strands hanging loose. She has icy-blue eyes and fuchsia-pink lipstick. She is often seen in a grey suit and skirt with a royal-purple blouse underneath. She also wears a pair of sheer stalkings and white high-heels. A pair of light-blue teardrop earrings hang delicately from her ears.

She has also been noted to wear a white lab-coat/tunic when in the laboratory.

Cher also sometimes wears a pair of silvery-white framed glasses; the lenses of the glasses are tinted a light pink.


Cher is a mature woman; often keeping a calm demeanour. She dislikes Hubb's jokes, sometimes showing a frown or an irritated expression. She is very science driven and independent; often going on her own in search of answers.


Cher and Hubb Lebowski were once married, but they divorced shortly after her work with Cheza became more important to her than her marriage with him. Cher was fascinated by Cheza which Cher was desired to understand her and find out what her purpose was.



Cher worked in Freeze City, where she was studying Cheza the Lunar Flower Maiden in a laboratory. After Cheza is stolen by Lord Darcia III, Cher joins the army to help track her down. She eventually meets back up with her ex-husband Hubb Lebowski, after his long search for her.

In Episode 27, Cher dies when the cliff she is on breaks off and she falls to her death. Snowflakes fall as Hubb holds her dead body and weeps. Hubb then places her body into the water and she is last seen slowly sinking deeper beneath the water.

It is unknown what becomes of her after the world is reborn.

Relationships Edit

Hubb Lebowski Edit

Once married, now divorced; Cher and Hubb's relationship is that of friendly-exs. Cher usually rolls her eyes at Hubb's relationship jokes and his mention of their married life. While they are divorced, Cher is shown to still care for him as an important person.

Cheza Edit

Cher views Cheza a specimen to be studied. Once, only able to observe her through a giant glass tank; Cher was later able to talk to Cheza and interact with her when accompanying the wolves on the road to Paradise. Understanding the Flower Maiden's importance to the wolves and the survival of the world, Cher takes part in protecting Cheza.

Lord Darcia III Edit

The relationship between Cher and the noble, Lord Darcia III was at first that of captor and abductee. Cher is intrigued as well as somewhat afraid of the noble. Cher sees Lord Darcia III as a source for more information about Cheza's being and creation.

Blue Edit

Upon meeting Blue the first time, Cher was unaware that she had actually acquainted a wolfdog. Cher sees Blue a strong and independent individual; both physically and metaphorically.


  • "According to the data we found, the first thing Cheza showed a reaction to was blood, wasn't it?"
  • "Cheza, herself, is the crowing achievement of an alchemy that cannot be proved. The Flower Maiden and the wolves are being drawn to one another."



  • Cher wasn't able to get pregnant when she was married to Hubb.
  • Hubb gets angry at Cher because she pays more attention to Cheza than she does to him.
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