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Profile - Cheza Cloak

Japanese: チェザ
Romanji: Cheza
First appearance: Episode 1
Occupation: Guide to Paradise

The Hanabito


Cher Degré
Lord Darcia III


Guiding wolves

Gender: Female
Hair color: Lavender
Eye color: Red
Voiced by
Japanese: Arisa Ogasawara
English: Sherry Lynn

チェザ (Cheza, Cheza) aka the "Flower Maiden", is the deuteragonist of the Wolf's Rain series. She was created from the Lunar Flower by Lord Darcia I. After she has awakened, she escapes and help guide the wolves to Paradise.


Cheza is a very beautiful light-skinned girl, which makes her look delicate and fragile, just like a flower. Her hair is a light mauve color in the style of a bob. She has bright red/pink eyes and unusual darker red sclera. She is fairly thin and short.

Cheza wears a light blue-purple body-suit which covers her feet, but sections of her shoulder and front are exposed in diamond shapes.

Later on, she wears a red, hooded cloak to hide her appearance from people who may be after her and a matching pair of boots that Hige gives to her.


Cheza is a polite, naive and soft-spoken individual who is also a gentle soul that enjoys peace. She never fights, but she would/will sacrifice herself in order to save the wolves.

Instead of referring to herself as "I, my, me", Cheza instead refers to herself as "This One" as she is a part of a race of humanoid beings called the Hanabito.

She is very loyal to the wolves as she goes with Lord Darcia III in order to protect them. Cheza becomes very attached to the pack, specifically Kiba. She becomes extremely saddened when the wolves' blood is shed and cries whenever she sees them in pain. Occasionally, she will scream upon the wolves' blood being shed.

Early Life Edit

Cheza was artificially created from a Lunar Flower by the Noble Lord Darcia I, using the lost art of alchemy. She was in a state of suspended animation in a scientific research lab, but was awoken by the smell of wolf blood spilled in the brief fight between Tsume and Kiba.



In Episode 2, Cheza was kidnapped by Lord Darcia III, who planned to use her to somehow save his lover from Paradise Sickness that she'd been affiliated with. Lord Orkham's army and Cher Degré attempt to retrieve her, but Cheza eventually meets up with the wolves and travels with them for a short time. Near the end of the series, she is kidnapped once again, this time by Lady Jaguara. Jaguara attempts to use Cheza and Kiba to open a way to paradise, but it is thwarted by the wolves.

Cheza believed that she had a family, and went back to where she was created. However when she arrived, she found that the place was empty and in ruins. She and the wolves later encounter a creepy old lady who keeps following them, and discover that she is also a Lunar Flower, a very old one. Therefore, unless the old flower died, she is not the last of her kind.

Cheza was artificially created from a Lunar Flower, therefore she must act like a real plant; bask in the sunlight, drink water in order to live and she may also feed on Moonlight. When the wolves pass through "The Forest of Death", Cheza begins to wither due to a lack of sunlight and water. This episode also shows Kiba's protective and devoted side towards her. When attacked by the bugs in the cave, Cheza is thrown up to Tsume by Kiba as he fights to keep her safe. Cheza saves the wolves from being killed by using herself as live bait, luring the bugs to a cluster of Venus Flytraps, who told her that they were hungry.

Cheza has the power to heal a wolf's wounds and put them to sleep. She sends each wolf into a wonderful sleep filled with dreams. It should be noted that Kiba did not dream, so it could be said that he is happiest with Cheza. Everyone else had different dreams.

Cheza shares a special bond with the wolves. Lord Darcia III says that she is blind, and proven true when she almost steps over the edge of a cliff, but stops herself by apparent touch.

OVA Edit

At the end of the special, Cheza dies in Kiba’s arms due to her wounds. Then, she disintegrates into seeds that starts to bloom into flowers while promising to be reborn.

Relationships Edit

Kiba Edit

At first, Kiba didn't know his reason for searching for Paradise and merely walked until he couldn't anymore. When he came to Freeze City, he could smell the Lunar Flower scent, but was unable to find it. The first time he sees Cheza, he only catches a glance from a distance, for Darcia had come to take her. Once again driven by his calling, now to find Cheza, Kiba and the others leave Freeze City to pursue Paradise. When Cheza escapes from Darcia, she waits patiently in a pond of water, where she happily greets Kiba, embracing him and whispering to him, "We meet at last." From that point on, Kiba's protective instincts kick in and he accepts Cheza without hesitation.

Though Cheza loved the company of all the wolves, she shared a special connection to Kiba. Often times walking beside him or even allowing him to carry her. When they all enter the Forest of Death, Kiba become recklessly protective of Cheza, snapping at the others and ready to fight anything, as well as push himself beyond his own limit to ensure her safety. When she is captured by Darcia again, Kiba continues to stand up, begging Cheza to stay and to save him and the others, she leaves with Darcia.

Because of her bond with Kiba, she seemed to have a telepathic link to him, often times calling out to him when she was in pain or needing him. He is able to reach her thoughts, such as when he had asked her to sing for him. His devout instincts to protect her never failed and because of it, he was able to push through everything in order to be by her side. Overall, Cheza truly cares about Kiba's well-being and loves him, crying for him when he fights and holding him when he hurts.

Hige Edit

Being a natural flirt, Hige somewhat flirts with Cheza. He finds her beautiful and loves her scent. Like the others, Cheza cares about Hige and will sing for him to put him to sleep, pet him, and do anything to protect him. Being a wolf, Hige is also protective and loyal to Cheza, fighting the impossible odds and willing to go to the ends of the earth to save her. Like Kiba, he was very set on finding Paradise, even more when he meets Cheza.

Hige looks after Cheza in his own way, such as when he bought her boots, so she could walk easier in the mountains. He even blushes from embarrassment when she expresses her love for the boots.

Toboe Edit

Though she spends little time with the youngest wolf, they are seen to get along. Semi-reverting to pet-like behaviour, Toboe enjoys when Cheza sings or pats him on the head; Cheza will often oblige when asked. She views Toboe just as he is, a young wolf that she is to lead to Paradise.

Tsume Edit

Although Cheza is known to have a special scent that affects the wolves in a positive way, Tsume is the only wolf to show distrust towards the Flower Maiden. His distrust of her is natural of Tsume's personality, but it still saddens Cheza. After a time, Tsume begins to get used to Cheza's constant presence and will protect her alongside the other wolves.

Hanabito Edit

After meeting the only other like her, Cheza was happy to have found one of her own kind. She showed much interest in learning what the old Hanabito had to say about the world and her kind. Subsequently, the older Hanabito's withering saddened Cheza, who was now the sole survivor of the Hanabito race.

Cher Degré Edit

Cheza never showed any feelings of distrust or anger towards Cher. Near the end of the journey to find Paradise, Cheza talked to Cher just as she would to any of the wolves. It is unknown if Cheza understood Cher's part in the lab and her feelings of that situation.

Lord Darcia III Edit

Although it was said that the noble family of Darcia created Cheza and the Hanabito race, she is seen to fear him. Because of Cheza's delicate being, she never fought against him, but would willingly find ways to escape Lord Darcia III when given the chance. Often when she was in the possession of of Darcia, she would call out to Kiba; showing that she clearly preferred to be with the white wolf, rather than her own creator.

Nemesis Edit

Cheza's SongEdit

In Episode 8, Cheza sings a song (sometimes also refereed to as "Cheza's Lullaby") to the wolves so they can sleep. The song she sings is an ancient form of Gaelic. The song only causes the wolves to become very calm and sends them into a peaceful slumber. She has also been noted to sing the song when attempting to heal others' wounds.

Lyrics Edit

Shailoh Shailoh, yatreet ka...
Shailoh shna, otvit ka...

Hahla Hahla, ahlah hah...

Shailoh washnee, fortee ney...
Shailoh Shailoh, yatreet ka...
Omen nio hah...

Great Wolf, Great Wolf, you're safe
Great Wolf, I will protect you

Hahla Hahla, ahlah hah

Great Wolf, rest your soul
Great Wolf, Great Wolf, you're safe
Give in to sleep

Quotes Edit

  • “We would not have met, and the flowers will protect you. Kiba, because you protected this one, the flowers will return and bloom once more. So when the world is reborn, and Paradise opens, we will meet again. This one will be waiting for you. Find this one. And this time, the Paradise you hoped for will be.” 


Trivia Edit

  • Cheza relies on water and moonlight in order to sustain herself.
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