Welcome to the Wolf's Rain wiki! Before you get started, there are a few important rules that need to be followed.

What are the Rules?Edit

The main rules are as follows:

  • Large-scale/wiki-wide edits must be approved by an admin first.
  • Image uploads must follow the image naming format.
  • No speculatory or opinion-based edits (i.e "I think", "maybe", "could be", etc.)

What is the Image Naming Format?Edit

Please read this article on uploading images. This is important as images can become a very messy if not labelled correctly.

Why is ______?Edit

Confused by the appearance of an article? If something is amiss, please contact an admin. The missing or odd-edit may be intentional and attempting to "fix" it may actually impede on an admins work.

Who are the Admins? Edit

There are two admins on the Wolf's Rain wiki: DuchessDream and Lorisa214.

What Needs Editing?Edit

If you came to the wiki to help edit, but find a large number of pages are largely filled out, please feel free to proof read articles as some non-English speakers sometimes make incorrect edits. This also helps reduce spam/trolling. If you are adamant about helping, ask an admin if there is anything specific you can do to help. There is usually a job for everyone.

I Found a Troll!Edit

Good work! Your keen eye and vigilance has found a spammer/troll. Please do not attempt to revert or chase them away. Report them to an admin and be sure to document their activity via screen shots. While we appreciate vigilant contributors, we also dislike conflict or false-claims.

We also don't want to jump to conclusions and ban someone too hastily; especially if the contributor is not actually a troll and was misinterpreted as one.

Now that that is out of the way, happy editing!

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