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Profile - Gehl - Manga

Japanese: ゲル
Romanji: Geru
First appearance: Episode 1
Occupation: Gang member



Tsume's Gang


Following in Tsume's footsteps

Gender: Male
Hair color: Red
Eye color: Pale-blue
Voiced by
Japanese: Kouki Akaishi
English: Brianne Siddall

ゲル (Geru, Gehl) is child member of Tsume's gang with an unknown history.


Gehl is a young boy. He has orange-brown hair and pale-blue eyes. A defining feature of Gehl is is missing two front teeth. He is seen to wear a baggy, green jacket, grey pants and dark-grey convers. A dark-grey built is tied around his waist and a large white collar appears from beneath his jacket. He wears a simple beige paperboy hat.


Though young, Gehl shows commitment to Tsume's gang. He is considered a shy and scared boy. Often unsure or looking for guidance, he shows he can conjure up bouts of courage, albeit short-lived.


Gehl followed Tsume around, and desired to be just like him. He died during a raid mission, though Tsume tried to save his life. He appears only in episode 1 and in a few flashback scenes.

Though Tsume pushes him aside frequently, it is clear that Gehl's death affects him. Gehl's death also parallels the situation that Toboe found himself in near the end of episode 3. The key difference between the two scenes is that Gehl was not able to deal with the pain of having Tsume try to pull him up with his fangs, and as a result, Gehl plummets to his death. Toboe braves it and allows Tsume to rescue him. One can also argue that Gehl's unconditional idolization of Tsume was a factor in determining his disposition towards Toboe, ultimately leading to Tsume growing to tolerate him.

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As one of the youngest members of Tsume's gang, Gehl is often left to flounder due to his inexperience. It is obvious that Gehl looks up to Tsume as a role-model, and seeks his approval.

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  • Gehl is ultimately an expository character used to give Tsume background.
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