Biographical Information
Real Name: Unknown
Alias: Gramps grandpa
Age: 77
Species: Grey Wolf
Status: Deceased (Overexertion)



Zali's Pack

Physical Description
Gender: Male
Hair color: Grey (Wolf)

White (Human)

Eye color: Pale Yellow
Height:' 5'8'' (Human)
Character Information
First appearance: Fallen Wolves
Voiced by: Minoru Hirano (Japanese)

William Knight (English)


Gramps is an old wolf that lives on an island city that is generally abandoned by humans until a train makes a stop for its passengers or to get supplies. The train provides work for many of the wolves on the island, including Gramps. He is the eldest known member of Zali's Pack.


Gramps is a helpful if not moderately friendly wolf in an otherwise unwelcoming pack. He is very willing to answer the questions of Kiba's pack, even showing them the entrance to the tunnel that supposedly leads to Paradise. He himself is not one to question how things work and is willing to accept life as it is, whether it leads to difficulties or not.

He is a hard worker and, likely due to his age, seems to be a bit of a loner. He is willing to work as hard as it takes to surive, and is resigned to the fact that death will reach him, eventually, even going as far as to dig his own grave.


Gramps, digging his grave.


Gramps is a shaggy and thin greywolf that clearly shows his age. He has long, thick ear tufts that carry over into both his true form and his human one. As a human, Gramps has white hair with two "antennae," a mustache, and a goatee. He wears a grey shirt with a pale, purple jacket and a light blue scarf.


He is one of the pack members that chose to stay behind instead of follow Zali on the way to Paradise. When Zali returned with the news that all of those that followed him had been killed by a poisonous gas, he and the remaining pack members returned to the island city with him to begin a new life.


Screen Shot 2018-04-18 at 12.56.50 AM

When Kiba and the others arrive at the city, Gramps explains that there's no such thing as Paradise, even saying that they have been there and seen it and saying that it was more like hell. He eventually dies when working for the humans.


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