Song of Sleep-Hanabito 7
Biographical Information
Real Name: Hanabito
Age: 77+
Species: Ghost/Lunar Flower
Status: Dead

Sister-Lunar Flower Cheza

Physical Description
Gender: Female
Hair color: Grey
Eye color: Red
Height: 5'7
Character Information
First appearance: Song of Sleep

"The flowers are singing; they are always singing. But nobody ever seems to notice.'"

Hanabito is first seen in episode 8 as an apparent "ghost" who is mysteriously following them throughout a city. Later, she reveals herself as another Lunar Flower/human hybrid created by Darcia I, claiming she managed to escape years before the capture of Cheza and the destruction of the others. She claims that, if Cheza were to stay with here, it would delay her impending death, and thus she plead that Cheza does not leave. Cheza reluctantly refuses and continues her journey with the wolves.

Right before Cheza and the wolves leave the city, she returns to the old hidden house where Hanabito resides, waiting for death. She attempts to use her healing powers to bring the presumably dead Hanabito back to life, but is interrupted when the old lady holds her hand and tells her she is fine. Cheza tells her that she's going to go with the wolves, and that she's sorry to leave Hanabito to die. Hanabito promises that she'll pray for Cheza's safety, and dies.