Higes Pack
False Memories - Higes Pack
Biographical Information
Real Name: Wolves
Age: Unknown
Species: Timber Wolf
Status: Dead


Physical Description
Gender: Females & Males (Aka Girls & Boys )
Hair color: Sand Brown
Eye color: Orange/Gold
Height: Unknown
Character Information
Powers: Fangs , Claws Transforming in Humans/Wolves
First appearance: Heartbeat of the Black City


Before Hige had met Kiba, he was brainwashed into being Lady Jaguara's lapdog by hunting and leading troops to wolves. The collar that he wears is actually a tag/transmitter that allows him to wander through Jaguara's city and is always under surveillance. It also appears to be the thing that controlled him or reprogrammed his memories, as he was trapped in an endless migraine before it was shot off by a soldier. At least 22 other wolves were collared in this way (a soldier inspecting his collar refers to him as "Number 23"); many, if not all, of the others were killed after returning to Jagara's city.


Most are Timber Wolves with tan fur and large. They have large, orange-gold eyes. they all have a black collar around their necks that has a metal plate inscribed with the numbers 1-23. which comes into play later in the series (Episodes 23-25).