High Tide, High Time
One, 29
High Tide, High Time
Air date October 9, 2004
Written by Keiko Nobumoto
Directed by Yoshiyuki Takei
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Gunshot of Remorse


Wolf's Rain


After Darcia shot Toboe in the previous episode, Quent drops his rifle and kneels over him, filled with shock and confusion over Toboe's bravery. Darcia aims his gun at Quent and fires. It's revealed that Toboe bit Darcia's arm, but though this causes the bullet to miss Quent's head, it gets him in the chest instead. Darcia claims that he doesn't feel pain anymore and flings the wounded wolf away. In the aftermath, Darcia leaves the two to die in the cold. Toboe staggers towards Quent, blood drips from every step he makes. He apologizes to Quent who assures him that it was his fault, since he was the one who provoked Darcia. Toboe tells Quent what he had promised Blue, as Toboe rests his head on Quent's arm, as he bleeds out.

Tsume then arrives, desperately begging for Toboe to stay with him, only to hear him say "Let me sleep here for a while", implying that he wants to be mercy killed by Tsume, to his shock. Quent, empathising with him, strokes Toboe to calm him down and provide some comfort for him.

Tsume then gives a heartfelt goodbye to Toboe, revealing the origins of his scar. Jagura's wolf hunting troops were shooting at his pack, killing most of his family and friends, as Tsume attempted to flee the battle, his Alpha branded him with the scar and exiled him from the pack, for his cowardice, but his friendships with the other wolves, especially Toboe, motivated him to join the search for Paradise. Tsume then tells Quent to take care of Toboe, which triggers his memories of him saving his life, causing him to break down crying and hugging Toboe. Toboe then says that he wishes that they could all go to paradise together, to which Tsume tearfully agrees with, before breaking his neck with his fangs. As he dies, Toboe has a vision of Paradise, where he is reunited with Granny in a cottage, which then transitions into a field of flowers.

Tsume is saddened and guilty for causing Toboe's death and kneels down in sadness, Kiba, Hubb, Cheza and the others arrive, with Tsume coffessing that Toboe's dead, who asked him to put him down, to Hige's shock.

Meanwhile Cheza is unsuccessfully trying to heal Toboe while Tsume sits nearby. Cheza's tears make a small Primrose grow out of the ground, which Kiba places in between Toboe's paws. Blue kneels over Quent who smiles at her, acknowledging her as his dog again, but as they make peace, Quent dies, Kiba and Hige hug Blue, while Hubb breaks down in tears over Quent's death. Kiba strokes Toboe and the wolves howl in sorrow while Cheza starts singing.

The pack continues on while Tsume briefly stays to bury Quent and Toboe. They come across giant tree, known as the Tree Of All Seeds, an dying ancient tree that Cheza telepathically connects with, to help them scale a huge cliff.

Darcia arrives and attacks Hubb, nearly strangling him to death, but when he fires his revolver at Darcia's shoulder, the sound causes heavy fissures on the cliffside, as Hubb carries Cheza to Blue, he looses his grip, but he just barely manages to hang on. Kiba tries to rescue him but Hubb doesn't let him, he says that he believes that the pack will open Paradise, Tsume, who is making his way up, witnesses Hubb starting to slip, but he doesn't take his outstretched hand, feeling like he is a burden to the wolves. Hubb lets go and falls to his death, as the pack looks on in sadness. Hubb gains serious injuries, due to the fall but, he uses the last of his strength to inhale on a cigar before using Cher's scarf in a futile attempt to stop the bleeding.

Just as Kiba turns around, he sees a huge purple wolf with glowing mismatched eyes.

It's Darcia.

Toboe dies


Kiba: Anyway, it's been fun. If it's meant to be. We'll meet again.

Kiba: Paradise is ours! We're taking it back!

Toboe: (walking to Quent) I wanted... To watch over you, like Blue did... For the rest of my life...

Toboe: (rest's his head on Quent's arm) Let me sleep here for a while. 

Quent(pulls Toboe closer, starts crying) You saved me boy.  


-Kiba, Tsume, Hige, Blue and Cheza are the only ones left.

Hige: What good is pride when you are dead!?
This line was originally said by Hige in the first episode and is repeated towards the end of the series by Kiba



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