Since airing in Japan and the United States, Wolf's Rain has been released a few different times. Both Japan and the U.S.A treated the release of the series differently.

First Release Edit

Region 1 Edit

The first release of the Wolf's Rain series in Region 1 was published by Bandai Entertainment. The first volume was released as a regular version and a limited edition. The limited edition came with everything the regular version did as well as a Kiba plushie, the Wolf's Rain Original Sound track, and an artbox to house the DVDs as they were released.

Volume #
Release Date
DVD1 Bandai
1.Leader of the Pack

City of Howls
Toboe, Who Doesn't Howl
Bad Fellow
Scars in the Wasteland
Fallen Wolves

July 6th, 2004
Limited Edition DVD Boxset
Limited Edition version released with a Kiba plushie, Wolf's Rain Soundtrack and artbox.
DVD2 Bandai
2.Blood and Flowers

The Successors
The Flower Maiden
Song of Sleep
Moon's Doom

August 24th, 2004
DVD3 Bandai

Vanishing Point
Don't Make Me Blue
Men's Lament
The Fallen Keep

October 12th, 2004
DVD4 Bandai

Grey Wolf
Dream Journey
Scent of a Flower, Blood of a Wolf
Men, Wolves, and the Book of the Moon

December 14th, 2004 Recap episodes
DVD5 Bandai
5.War for the Soul

A Dream of an Oasis
Battle's Red Glare
Pieces of a Shooting Star

January 4th, 2005
DVD6 Bandai
6.Paradise and Poison

Heartbeat of the Black City
Scent of a Trap
False Memories
Moonlight Crucible

March 22th, 2005
DVD7 Bandai
7.Final Encounters

Where the Soul Goes
Gunshot of Remorse
High Tide, High Time
Wolf's Rain

May 24th, 2005
Wolf's Rain Limited Complete Collection

The Limited Complete Collection boxset artbox.

Re-releases Edit

On November 22nd, 2005 Bandai released Wolf's Rain: Limited Complete Collection Box Set. The box set came with all previously released DVD volumes in a different artbox with a stand to house the box and collection.

Anime Legends Complete Collection Boxset

Complete Collection volume 1 and 2.

The following year on July 25th, 2006 Bandai released the series again as a two part collection, Wolf's Rain Anime Legends Complete Collection and Wolf's Rain Anime Legends Complete Collection II. Both cases contained 4 DVDs and were housed in two separate cases.

Anime Legends Perfect Collection

2009 Perfect Collection case front.

Three years later on May 5th, 2009 Bandai released another Anime Legends Complete Collection was released; this time in one box as Anime Legends Wolf's Rain Perfect Collection. The set contained no artbox and held 7 DVDs. Some of the episode titles were changed or re-translated for unknown reasons. This would be the last release of Wolf's Rain from Bandai.

The Complete Series Blu-ray DVD Combo Pack

Funimation 2017 Blu-ray/DVD combo pack.

The series was later bought and revived by Funimation in a Blu-ray/DVD combo pack. The combo pack was released as Wolf's Rain the Complete Series on February 7th, 2017 and housed a total of 9 discs. The combo pack came in a slipcase as well as a special case with page-like inlays for the DVD and Blu-ray discs.

Region 2 (Japan) Edit

Released in Japan first, the Wolf's Rain series was released by Bandai Visual across 8 volumes, with each volume having a Japanese language track and no subtitles. The first pressing of the first volume included an A-2 sized cloth poster. The final four OVA episodes of the series were released in two additional volumes, each containing two episodes; for a total of ten DVD volumes.

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