Japanese: キリオス
Romanji: Kiriosu
Governed by: Quent Yaiden
(Self-proclaimed Sheriff)

Mrs.Yaiden (Deceased)
• Russe Yaiden (Deceased)
Blue (Formerly)

Visited by: Unknown Wolf Pack

Kyrios ( キリオス , Kiriosu ) is a small town in which the Yaiden family lived. Quent Yaiden was the sheriff of the town and claimed the title long after its destruction by the hands of Jagura's soldiers. 

Destruction Edit

For most of the series, Quent was sure that wolves attacked and destroyed the city, killing his family. He is pestered by traumatic memories of seeing a pack of wolves near his burning home.

Later, Jaguara soldiers claimed to have destroyed the city because wolves were hiding there.


  • The town was never shown, only scenes of a pasture are viewable.