Japanese: キリオス
Romanji: Kiriosu
First appearance: Episode 13
Governed by: Quent Yaiden

• Mrs.Yaiden✝
• Russe Yaiden✝
Blue (Formerly)

Visited by:

• Unknown Wolf Pack
• Jaguara's Troops
Lord Darcia III

キリオス (Kiriosu, Kyrios) is a small town in which the Yaiden family lived. Quent Yaiden was the sheriff of the town and claimed the title long after its destruction by the hands of Jaguara's soldiers. 

Design & Infrastructure Edit

The design and infrastructure of Kyrios is largely unknown. Few scenes occur within the village.

From the few flashbacks presented, Kyrios appears to be situated on the countryside. Large grass fields/pastures and forested areas make up the general scenery of the village.

Residence & Visitors Edit

The most well known residence of Kyrios was the Yaiden family. Quent Yaiden lived with his wife, son Russe and pet, Blue.

The residence of Kyrios, as well as Mrs. Yaiden and Russe Yaiden, were killed by Jaguara's troops when attempting to destroy wolves that were hiding in the small northeren village.

Blue and Quent were the only ones who survived the attack. Quent was sure that wolves attacked and destroyed the town due to coincidence.

It is also later revealed that Quent saw "...a wolf with two different colored eyes." The wolf is discovered to be Lord Darcia III, as he is the only wolf that appears with heterochromia iridum.

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