This is a list of the Deceased characters in order from the first major character to the last to die off.

Episode 1 - Gehl, falling to his death

Episode 14 - Lady Hamona dies from the Paradise Sickness

Episode 26 - Lady Jaguara is stabbed by Darcia

Episode 27 - Cher is inside a car when it falls off of a cliff

Episode 29 - Toboe is shot by Quent Yaiden on accident

Episode 29 - Quent Yaiden is shot by Darcia

Episode 29 - Hubb Lebowski falls down a rocky cliff, leaving him wounded and paralyzed from the waist down, but takes his own life by shooting himself. 

Episode 30 - Blue is attacked and murdered by Darcia

Episode 30 - Hige is attacked by Darcia and Tsume ends his suffering

Episode 30 - Tsume has his side ripped open by Darcia

Episode 30 - Darcia is killed by the Gates of Paradise

Episode 30 - Cheza wilts and turns into small seeds that grow into Lunar Flowers creating Paradise

Episode 30 - Kiba dies of his wounds that he had suffered in the final fight with Darcia.