Ancient Depiction of Lord Darcia I
Biographical Information
Real Name: Lord Darcia I
Age: 25ish
Species: Human
Status: Deceased
Originally From: Black City

Lord Darcia III



Physical Description
Gender: Male
Hair color: Dark Navy
Eye color: Blue
Height: 6'2
Character Information
First appearance: High Tide, High Time

Darcia I is the first generation and founder of the Darcia family, a lord who lived over two-hundred years either before or during the feud of the three Noble families of Darcia, Jaguara, and Orkham.

Darcia I is believed to be the one responsible for the feud over the three main families that lasted two centuries and the possible author of The Book Of The Moon. His actions leading to the creation of the Flower Maiden; Cheza, and his knowledge of Paradise and powerful Alchemy, would lead to a Coup d'etat by the Jaguara family, lead by its descendant Lady Jaguara two hundred years into the future, that lead to the devastation and eradication of the Orkham family Household. Sometime afterwards, when the other two Noble families discovered Cheza, and, more importantly, her ability to open the gateway to Paradise, they began their conflicts against one another, for whoever controlled Cheza controlled Paradise, and, in turn, the fate of the rest of humanity. His knowledge of Alchemy would be uncovered by the love obsessed, Lady Jaguara, as she knew the legend of the Words of Red moon and seemed to know a great deal of magic during her confrontation with his third descendant, Lord Darcia III.

In his ambition of finding Paradise, Lord Darcia I began to study the ancient and now lost art of Alchemy, all of his secrets and magics were written in the Lunar Tome also known as the Book of the Moon, but only one who knew of its language could know how to open the gates of Paradise, most likely only a Noble, or Individual who knew the language. Little did Darcia I know that forcing Paradise open before its time, would cost him his life, curse the future generations of his family and ultimately bring the future of the world towards its destruction. After years of gaining enough knowledge of Alchemy, Darcia I attempted to open (Unknown if it was Alchemy, Magic or a combination of both) the gates of Paradise, accompanied by a mysterious White Wolf. Darcia realized his mistake too late, as Paradise consumed him and unleashed an unknown catastrophic event upon the world.

It's likely that the attempt occurred nearby his Dome. During the flashbacks scenes at the end of the series, Darcia-I is briefly shown standing close the lake and with the Dome intact (in company of the mysterious white wolf), while at the time of the series the whole Dome has been destroyed and submerged by the water of the lake, leaving only the inner castle partially intact.

Nearly two hundred yeas later, his spell would eventually be discovered by several of the Higher Nobles, and in an attempt to isolate the information, the Book of the Moon that contained this knowledge was banned to all who were not of Noble blood.

By the Start of City of HowlsEdit

After eliminating Lord Orkham and destroying Darcias' Keep, Lady Jaguara was the only known Noble to possess the Book of the Moon. Detective Hubb Lebowski and Wolf Hunter Quent Yaiden were the only ones before Cher Degré to posses the book (illegaly) out of Noble jurisdiction. Jaguara, after reading its pages, discovered the key to opening Paradise and began her extermination of the wolves who threatened her plan and began her search for the White Wolf chosen by the Flower maiden, he who's blood could open the gates to Paradise. An advanced machine was hidden under the Black city, (A Lunar Power Plant/ Moonlight Crucible depending on language and Translation) and was used by Lady Jaguara and Nobles under her in an attempt to open Paradise. (it is not know if this device was her creation or an advanced version created before by Darcia I design). Jaguara's Paradise was short lived, as when she was briefly in her Paradise, she was attacked by Kiba and her Paradise fell into ruin, following with the destruction of her city and the Moonlight Crucible. The Knowledge and Legacy left behind by Lord Darcia I would be lost with the destruction of Jaguaras city, as her book was in her personal quarters as the city collapsed upon itself. Hubbs' copy fell into the chasm would eventually be withered away by the snow, and the others were either destroyed or lost during the Coup' D etat by Jaguara. All knowledge on Paradise, the Art of Alchemy, Darcia's Magic, the origins of the world were lost forever. He has been dead long before all of this has happened.