Lost City
Lost City
Japanese: ロストシティ
Romanji: Rosutoshiti
First appearance: Episode 23
Governed by: Lady Jaguara

Old Female Wolf
Hige (Formerly)

Visited by:

Cher Degré
Quent Yaiden
Lord Darcia III

ロストシティ (Rosutoshiti, Lost City) also known as "Jaguara's City" is the last city to be visited in the Wolf's Rain anime series.

The only way to enter the city is by way of an ID tag. These ID tags carry a rank which determines what level of entry the person carrying it is allowed. Higher ranked ID tags allow people to enter the higher-class sections of the city.

Design & Infrastructure Edit

Lost City is a noble domed city. It's design is like unlike any of the other cities and locations viewed in the series.

All buildings are a light jade color. The material used to build the infrastructure is unknown. Almost all facilities are tall, square towers with round-edged roves. The sides of the buildings feature vertical impressions.

The streets are wide, white strips with palm trees evenly spaced out along the sidewalks.

Large, deep fissures create borders around the city; creating sections. Long red pipes snake through the fissures to supply facilities.

Residence & Visitors Edit

The city is governed by the noble, Lady Jaguara. The citizens of Lost City vary from poor to high-class socialites.

The citizens of the higher-class rank seem to be blissfully unaware of the impending apocalypse. Many appear well-dressed and kempt; sporting jewellery and tailored goods.

Many of the visitors to the city are prisoners, such as wolves. Kiba is captured by Jaguara's troops and brought to Jaguara's Keep. There, he was bound and forced to part-take in the opening of the noble's fake Paradise. Cheza is also held captive in Jaguara's Keep. Lord Darcia III also enters the city and makes his way to the keep.

Hige was a former resident of Lost City, but suffers from an amnesiac-episode and does not recall his time there. Hige's collar allows him entry and free-roam of the city, although he is watched closely. Toboe follows Hige for a time but is later forced to abandon him.

Blue and Cher enter the city and wonder the streets; also being harassed by two skate-boarders. Blue and Cher later are forced to split up. Blue then finds Hige and attempts to rescue him.

Unbeknownst to Blue, Quent enters the city by chance; having acquired a high-ranking ID tag.

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