Lunar Flower
Real Name: Lunar Flower
Alias: Hanabito
First appearance: City of Howls

The Lunar Flower is a fabled species of special flowers that are said to be the guiding lights to the place that is known as Paradise for those seeking to find it in order to escape the end of the world. The flowers were mentioned semi-often in the show, though when they were mentioned, it was usually Cheza who was being referred to in place of them.

Cheza is the most famous example of the Lunar Flowers, though she has been transmuted from one into a human form through the used of alchemy.

A Lunar Flower is the key to opening the door to Paradise and the wolves need it due to the world going to end. The flower, however, was unable to guide the wolves in its flower form. A whole garden was taken away from their growing place by powerful nobles and formed together to make Cheza, the flower maiden. Imperfect versions of Cheza were either destroyed or completely abandoned. Once Cheza left, the failed maidens either stayed and died while a select few left to live out the rest of their lives alone.

At the end of the anime, Lunar Flowers are seen growing around Kiba as he lies by Cheza's remaining flower body. They are shown to be pure white with thin petals. The Lunar Flower is based on the Brahma Kamalam, a type of Nightblooming Cereus. They are also shown in the background of most of Lord Darcia III's flashbacks of the time when he was in Paradise. These flowers are either said to be legends or to be completely extinct.