Men's Lament
Episode 13
Men's Lament
Air date (JP): April 28th, 2003
Air date (US): July 17th, 2004
Written by: Mary McGlynn,
Lia Sargent
Directed by: Tensai Okamura
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Don't Make Me Blue
The Fallen Keep

男たちの哀歌 (Otokotachi no Aika, The Lament of Men) is the thirteenth episode of Wolf's Rain. The episode originally aired in Japan on April 28th, 2003 and as "Men's Lament" in the United States on July 17th, 2004.


Hubb and Quent buy a beat up car to take them to the next city. They take turns with one driving while the others drink. Though hesitant at first, Blue joins the wolves as they head to Darcia's Keep to rescue Cheza. That night as snow falls, Quent thinks he sees Blue in front of the car's headlights. He stops and calls out but she doesn't answer. As they continue on, Hubb remembers his and Cher's wedding day, scenes of their life before they were divorced and how Cher's research work with Cheza destroyed their marriage. When they finally reach the city, they split up. Hubb searches for Cher in the town, but no one has seen her. Quent meets the old couple and helps them get their RV unstuck from the sand. While sharing a drink with them, they tell him about the wolves they met. When the old man mentions a black wolf, Quent realizes he is talking about Blue. As the sun sets, Hubb is happily reunited with Cher at a fountain. She tells him she is going to Darcia's keep to get to Cheza and tries to get Hubb to go back without her. He refuses to be left behind again, so Cher relents and goes with him to the car where Quent is waiting.


  • Quent: (to Hubb, referring to his ability to solider on) Hahah! Daddies little trooper.
  • Quent: Did you say their would be side affects to this thing?!? I'm pissing a freaking river!
  • Quent: Here I am tracking a pack of wolves. And here you are chasing a fox.
  • Quent: You're really going to let a drunk man drive?
    (Hubb drinks some of Quent's alcohol)
    Hubb: There, now we're both drunk.

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