Japanese: ミュウ
Romanji: Myū
Species: Caracal




Powers: Caracal-guise
Human Characteristics
Gender: Female
Hair color: Light sandy-brown
Eye color: Purple
Animal Characteristics
Fur color: Sandy brown and beige-white on underside
Eye color: Gold-yellow
Voiced by
Japanese: Yuna Inamura
English: Julie Maddalena

ミュウ (Myū, Mew) is a female caracal, and the only character of the series that is a different animal species. Kiba meets her when he passes out underneath a poisonous plant in the Desert's Bones and ends up in a fake Paradise.

Appearance Edit

Human Edit

Mew is a young girl or woman with short light brown or dark orange hair and purple eyes. She wears a long-sleeve yellow sweater that exposes her navel, long blue jeans and purple shoes.

Caracal Edit

Personality Edit

Although Mew is not known well, she comes off as kind-hearted yet lonely as she has been trapped in the world of eternity. She is also a gentle, friendly and soft-spoken girl as her words are very soft and delicate.


Little is known about Mew's history other than that she was trapped by the same type of plant as Kiba. She soon lost her memory and couldn't remember how she got there.


Mew immediately falls in love with Kiba and asks him to stay with her forever. Later, Kiba tells Mew that he hears all these voices but he cannot remember who they belong to. Mew replies that his memory fades little by little, and will soon forget. But as Kiba's soul is being brought back to his body, Mew explains that this place is not Paradise and she had forgotten why she was there. In the last moments, Mew says good-bye and she starts to fade. But before Kiba can fight back, he hears Cheza's voice and he sees images of Paradise flowers. Mew had fallen under the trap of the same plant and died.

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Trivia Edit

  • Mew does not appear anywhere else other than Episode 19 and Episode 20.
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