Moonlight Crucible
One, 26
Title Card
Air date October 9, 2004
Written by Mary McGlynn,
Lia Sargent
Directed by Tensai Okamura
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False Memories


Where the Soul Goes


With the power in the city fluctuating because of Jaguara's ceremony, Tsume and Toboe escape from their cells, free Hubb, and meet up with Hige. They decide that they must find Kiba and stop Jaguara. Blue finds Quent and tells him that it wasn't wolves that destroyed his village. Quent still hates wolves but loves Blue still.

Kiba breaks free of Jaguara's machine and must stop her before she brings about the end of the world.

Lady Jaguara hopes that her plan to enter Paradise will succeed now. The disguised Darcia reveals himself. Lady Jaguara tells him she killed her younger sister Hamona, whom he loved. Lights in the city are switched off. Thus, the electronic gates in the prison fail too, and Tsume, Toboe and Hubb can break out. Hige comes and meets them, and they leave together. Blue meets the beaten up Quent and tells him that soldiers, not the wolves, destroyed Kyrios, his home. Kiba manages to break free from his chains, and runs away. Jaguara thinks she has entered paradise, but Darcia turns into a wolf and attacks her. Her castle breaks apart now. Cheza's prison is also broken, and Cher cares for her. Jaguara and Darcia fight. Hige attacks her, but is impaled by her sword. Kiba attacks her, and Darcia kills her. Cher and Hubb are reunited.


Tsume: Where's your collar?
Hige: That stupid thing was just a number.

Blue: The wolves didn't do it! You have to believe me! Please pops!
Quent: Oh my God, Blue!