Profile - Moss

Profile - Moss Wolf

Japanese: モス
Romanji: Mosu
First appearance: Episode 5
Species: Grey Wolf



Zali's Pack



Human Characteristics
Gender: Male
Hair color: Dark Grey
Eye color: Blue
Animal Characteristics
Fur color: Sandy-Grey
Eye color: Yellow
Voiced by
Japanese: Atsushi Goto
English: Steve Kramer

モス (Mosu, Moss) is one of the wolves of Zali's Pack. When Kiba and the others arrive at the city, Moss explains that there's no such thing as Paradise, even saying that they have been there and seen it and saying that it was more like Hell.



He has dark, grey hair and eyes with small irises, presumably brown. He wears a small, orange cap, a grey shirt with a brown vest over it and dark jeans.

Wolf FormEdit

As wolf, he has sandy-grey fur with a lighter shade on his underbelly. His eyes are a common yellow colour.


Moss exhibits traits of selfishness and cunning.


Moss was one of the members in Zali's pack that stayed behind when Zali and several other pack members left in search of Paradise. He returned with Zali and the remaining pack members to the island city, where they've been scraping by ever since.


On episode 6, he shows hatred for Kiba and the other wolves, saying that they have caused enough trouble. When Hige gets caught in a trap looking for food, Moss and the other wolves find him, but do not try to help him get free. After knocking Hige out, they allow the Humans to take him away to be destroyed. Little did they know that Toboe was watching at the time, thus fetching Kiba and Tsume. After finding Moss and the other wolves, along with Zali, they believe that Zali was the one who ordered Hige's capture when in fact Zali had no idea. Zali demands why Moss sold out their friend. Moss simply says Hige was an outsider. After being fed up with how Zali runs the pack, he says that they don't see Zali as leader anymore. After beating Zali to the ground, Moss and the other wolves leave Zali.

Relationships Edit

Zali Edit

He once respecter Zali as the pack leader. After bad decisions and failures, Zali leads a muttony against the pack leader in an attempt to become the new alpha.

Cole Edit

Although Cole is Zali's mate, Moss is rarely seen talking to her.

Hige Edit

Moss only sees Hige as a paycheck. Once setting a trap for Hige to then sell him off for slave-labour.

Gallery Edit

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