Paradise Sickness
Paradise Sickness
Japanese: 楽園病
Romanji: Rakuen-byō
First appearance: Episode 7
Type: Effect/ Curse
Usage: An ailment inflicted by Paradise.
Used By:

Lady Hamona
Lord Darcia III

楽園病 (Rakuen-byō, lit. Paradise Disease) The strange and mysterious condition known as Paradise Sickness is believed to be a curse laid upon the Darcia-clan.

History Edit

The sickness was placed upon the family when Lord Darcia I tried to open a fake version of the door to Paradise. It is known that he had "disappeared" doing so. It is unknown what happened to Lord Darcia I after the his attempt.

The curse is later discovered not to be limited by bloodline, but to the House of Darcia.

Lord Darcia III’s lover, Lady Hamona, received the curse due to being affiliated with him.

Symptoms Edit

The sickness is said to suck away the soul, leaving nothing but an empty shell. Lady Hamona is shown to be in a vegetative-state; appearing as though awake but unresponsive to any stimulus. The body can be maintained, though the afflicted never seem to regain awareness.

Lord Darcia III's symptom is different in that his right eye was permanently changed into a wolf's eye. It is unknown why this symptom occurs or what the full spectrum of symptoms for Paradise Sickness are.

Cure Edit

Unlike a cold or flu, Paradise Sickness does not appear to have any sort of cure or remedy. Those afflicted may have their body maintained, but this does not "cure" and individual. Because Paradise Sickness is said to be a curse, it is unknown if alchemy, medicine, magic or shamanic rituals could possibly lift it.

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