Pieces of a Shooting Star
One, 22
Title Card
Air date September 18, 2004
Written by Mary McGlynn,
Lia Sargent
Directed by Tensai Okamura
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Battle's Red Glare


Heartbeat of the Black City


As the wolves make their way across the sea of drift ice, they find a huge graveyard. Toboe is struggling to keep up. The older ones have to stop and wait for him. When he falls on some ice for a moment, a massive walrus breaks up through the ice and attacks him, knocking him into the water. It spears Kiba in the leg with its tusk. Hige and Tsume tried to drive it off. Toboe freezes at first, then something inside him snaps and he rushes in, biting the walrus in the eye and refusing to let go. It tries to shake him off by swimming through broken ice and dragging him underwater before exploding back up out of the water and crashing through a huge ice shelf. Badly wounded, the walrus climbs onto the ice and dies, telling the wolves that he is not a victim, but the one who will save them. Kiba, Hige, and Tsume let Toboe eat first, before all four pick the walrus' body clean and continue on. Meanwhile, Quent makes his way to Jaguara's keep as part of a convoy of refugees from one of the cities her troops attacked. Already at Jaguara's keep, Hubb is thrown into a cell beside an old woman. The woman tells him that Jaguara hates her kind and likes to kill them in her Great Hall. Later, Cheza is in another water bubble and Jaguara makes her scream by eating wolf's meat and drinking wolf's blood