Quent's Family
False Memories - Pops son n blue
Biographical Information
Name: Quent's Family
Members: Quent Yaiden, Blue, Unnamed Wife/Mother
Age: 8 - 55
Species: Human and Wolfdog
Status: Deceased (Destroyed by Lady Jaguara's army)
Originally From: Kyrios
Gender: Males and Females
Episode Information
First appearance: City of Howls
"I loved them!"
Quent Yaiden
An ex-sheriff from the town of Kyrios. His hometown was destroyed, seemingly by wolves, and his wife and son, Russe, died in the process. This led to an intense hatred for wolves and an obsession for hunting down every wolf he could find (as well as a constant desire to drink). He travels around with his dog, Blue, who aids him in wolf hunting, and an ever-present rifle.

Quent allows Toboe to lie on his arm before he dies, and acknowledges Blue as his dog once again before his own death.

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