Profile - Commander
Japanese: 奪還隊隊長
Romanji: Dakkan-tai Taichō
First appearance: Episode 7
Occupation: Retrieval Squad Commander



Cher Degré
Hubb Lebowski
Lord Darcia III


• Locating Cheza
• Following orders from Lord Orkham
• Protecting the city

Gender: Male
Hair color: Dark-grey
Eye color: Green
Voiced by
Japanese: Kan Tokumaru
English: Bob Papenbrook

奪還隊隊長 (Dakkan-tai Taichō, Retrieval Squad Commander) The man known simply as the "Commander" is the leader of the recapture party who is in charge of getting Cheza back to the lab.


After Lord Orkham is assassinated by Jaguara's troops, the Commander abandons the search for the Flower Maiden in order to protect the city.

Unfortunately, his men were suffering major casualties during the battle keeping Jaguara's troops at bay. He was soon cornered by an enemy soldier and would've been killed if Kiba and the other wolves hadn't stepped in to help. At that point, he realizes that wolves are indeed real. He offers the wolves directions to where Cheza may be; in Jaguara's keep, across the Sea of Ice.

The Commander gathers up the rest of his men to defeat the remains of Jaguara's soldiers that escaped the city. The soon attack a convoy of Jaguara's troops holding Blue, Cheza, Cher, and Hubb. The Commander saves Blue and Cher from most of the troops but Hubb and Cheza are recaptured and taken to Jaguara's keep. The Commander offers Cher and Blue one of their vehicles to get to Jaguara's keep while he and the rest of his men head back to Freeze City to free their home from Jaguara. Later Quent overheard talk of Jaguara's soldiers about the destruction of the remnants of the Freeze City Army, implying the death of the Commander.

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