Scent of a Trap
Episode 24
Scent of a Trap
Air date (JP): July 14th, 2003
Air date (US): September 4th, 2004
Written by: Mary McGlynn,
Lia Sargent
Directed by: Tensai Okamura
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False Memories

罠の匂い (Wana no Nioi, Smell of Trap) is the twenty-fourth episode of Wolf's Rain. The episode aired in Japan on July 14th, 2003. Due to episodes 15, 16, 17, and 18 not being aired in the United States, the episode is sometimes considered to be the twentieth episode by American fans. The episode aired in the United States on September 4th, 2004 as "Scent of a Trap".


Blue and Cher also come to Jaguara's City. They want to enter her castle, but the people in the city seem to consciously ignore it. Blue and Cher are caught by Jaguara's soldiers, who tell them that they destroyed Blue's village, Kyrios. After a fight, the two escape but get separated. Then, Blue finds Hige to learn that he wants to escape the city. The two see Toboe being captured and run away before they can be captured, too.

Meanwhile, Tsume and Kiba are separated while in Jaguara's castle. Tsume, following the Lunar Flower's scent, enters a room where he sees the bodies of wolves in tubes. Horrified, he stops to stare and is captured. On the other hand, Kiba opens the doors to a room filled with Jaguara's soldiers. He defeats them all, and stumbling, tries to go find Cheza.