Stone used by Lord Darcia III.

The stone, made using the nobles knowledge of alchemy, was used by Lord Darcia III to revive the wolf within him, in order to enter Paradise.

Appearance Edit

With a base color of purple, the stone ranges from a glossy purple-blue to a matted opalescent-purple when in decay.

Use Edit

The stone is used to open a version of Paradise.

Other uses include Lord Darcia III ingesting it to reawaken the wolf within him.

History Edit

Created through alchemy using instructions from the Book of the Moon, Lady Jaguara had made and attempted to use her stone to open Paradise. Initially successful, the fake Paradise was soon rejected and closed. The stone then became inactive and ruined.

At the ending of episode 26, Lord Darcia shows the wolves he possesses a stone and says he "was chosen too".

As an outcome, in the final episode, already in his wolf form, he tells Kiba that any paradise he'd try to open as a noble would fail, since it's only a mere illusion. He then reveals that in this world, all humans are descendants of wolves, but none of them are aware of this since they all embraced humanity. Subsequently, he then tells Kiba he was able to revive the wolf within him by using this stone, regurgitating the now blackened stone.


  • It is unknown how Lord Darcia III came into possession of a stone.