The Book of the Moon
Real Name: The Book of the Moon
Alias: Cher Degré
Status: Missing

Lunar Flower

First appearance: City of Howls

The Book of the Moon (Lunar Tome) is a pagan book that was officially for wolves.

Description and ContentsEdit

The book originally belonged to wolves, but was then taken from them by the house lords. The house lords banned the Book of the Moon for their own usage only, due to its contents that contain the knowledge of wolves, humans and opening the gates of Paradise. Its contents described the wolves, the land of Paradise, the rare Lunar Flowers, the Flower Maiden, Cheza, several legends, including the origins of humans turning into wolves, and the red moon.

Creation and OwnersEdit

Its author and origins are unknown, but some believe that Lord Darcia I was the original creator of the Book of the Moon. Some lower-class people outside of the Nobility Houses owned this rare book, but very few had survived after the ban was implemented, outside and even inside the Nobles circle it was a rare item. Known owners of the book is the Wolf Hunter from Kyrios, Quent, Head Scientist and Research Leader of Freeze City, Cher Degré. Detective Hubb Lebowski was eventually given the copy owned by his ex-wife, Cher. Higher Noble families of the House of Lords possessed this book, Lady Jaguara was known to possess this book and read it in her spare time. Possibly, the Orkham family knew of its existence, and possibly owned one, as Lord Orkham spoke to his council that he wanted the Flower Maiden in his Possession. (All known information about the Flower Maiden/Cheza is limited to the Research Division led by Cher, sponsored by Lord Orkham, data that Darcia III kept in his databases at his Keep and the Book itself, however Darcia explained to Cher that Orkham and his family had stolen Cheza with no prior knowledge of what she was, meaning that Orkham may have acquired a copy of the book after he stole Cheza. (There is speculation among fans that Orkham may have acquired a copy of the Book of the moon during the time lag before the series began, but may have not had the intelligence to read the parts of the book that had a unknown langauge comprising the important contents of Darcia's I research on Paradise, Cheza, the stories and Legends of the Wolves and the Darcia Household Alchemy). The final pages of the book appear to be blank, but it was revealed that they actually held a secret portrait of the Lunar Flowers, that can only be seen if rain hits the pages. All known and possibly-owned copies of the Book of the Moon were either lost or destroyed before or during the resurrection of the World.

Known CopiesEdit

  1. It was assumed that Orkham owned a copy of the Book of the Moon. However, it would have been destroyed with him in the Keep and/or Airship.
  2. Lady Jaguara kept a book in her study that she read from time to time. After her death and the destruction of her city, it is likely the book was destroyed when the city collapsed on itself. If it survived, it was likely destroyed by an unknown blast of light that disintigrated the remains of her city to dust.
  3. Darcia owned this book since he was heard as a voice-over reading excerpts of it from time to time and was seen in a short scene closing the book. It was most likely to be kept at his Keep. If it was destroyed after the bombardment by Jaguara’s battle fleet with a similar blast of light that ironically devastated her city.
  4. The copy Cher Degré owned and lent to Hubb Lebowski fell into a chasm along with the detective. If it survived the rebirth of the world it most likely it will not be found. If it is, people of the reborn world will not recognize the contents if there are no more nobles.

Appearances and Possible MentionsEdit

  • Lady Jaguara was seen reading the book in her study before the wolves arrived. When she met Cheza for the first time she spoke the Words of Red Moon. The back cover of Jaguara's book show marks of clawing: it's possible that some dramatic event surrounded the history of this specific book, possibly involving a wolf that could have attempted to destroy the book with claws or fangs.
Where the Soul Goes - 1 Book

The Book after being closed by Darcia.

  • Darcia III had accumilated much information about Cheza, and knew of the lost art of his families Alchemy along with his grandfathers research accounts; All this information can only be found in the book of the Moon, implying he has read it. 
  • Lord Orkham, when he first appeared, was seen talking with his Advisors/Lower Nobles and told them that he wanted the Lunar Flower in his possession. This has implied Cheza and indirectly links him to the Book of the Moon. The Book is said to reveal much about Cheza and therefore, he may have had some contact with the Book.
  • In the Adult Swim commercials, the book was mentioned along with the wolves.