The Nobles
Ancient Depiction of Lord Darcia I
Biographical Information
Alias: Lady Hamona
Lady Jaguara
Lord Darcia I
Lord Darcia III
Lord Orkham
Species: Possibly not-Human
Status: Deceased
Originally From: Freeze City, Jagura's Keep
Physical Description
Gender: Males & Females
Character Information
Powers: Alchemy, Power in Laws and State
First appearance: City of Howls


There are several noble families that exist throughout the world. However, the feud over/for Paradise is fought by the three main Noble families; Lord Darcia the Third's family, Lady Jaguara's family (though it seems more like a personal endeavour to get Lord Darcia) and Lord Orkham. Before the curse of the house of Darcia was put down, these families were among the richest and most powerful. Lady Jaguara in the Black City and Lord Orkham with Freeze City have entire cities as their domain. It is implied that Lord Darcia had a city as his keep/under his domain, but scenes suggest it was destroyed or lost in a war or by natural destruction.

Noble Sisters

Lady Hamona (Left) & Lady Jaguara (Right)


Lord Darcia III

All three familes try to take Paradise in their own ways. Lord Darcia tries to steal Cheza and take her directly to Paradise to open it. It is not clear whether he wants to open it for himself or for the interest of the Nobles.

Lady Jagura captures the pack and Cheza and uses Kiba as a catalyst to open Paradise for the Nobles, though it is revealed later that she wishes it only for herself. Lord Orkham's means are unclear, though he does make small movements portrayed in the show to take Cheza and research her. This shows that, although he is a Noble, his own powers may not reach far enough to access Cheza's chemical and physical makeup, as Darcia's family made her using an "alchemy that cannot be proved" (quoted from Cher herself).

Origins Edit

The actual identity of the Nobles it's unknown. While visiting the castle of Darcia-III Hubb questioned Cher about her knowledge of the origin of the Nobles and she mentioned (and pictures on the walls gave further details), that Nobles of the past had knowledge of travelling across the stars (space-travelling) and opening dimensional portals.

In the last episodes, Jaguara's flashbacks show briefly Nobles into what appears to be a space-craft and she states that they actually came from "far away". This hints that actually Nobles aren't human, despite their appearances.

In the official Wolf's Rain Artbook. It's further explained that an original draft was to describe more clearly the Nobles as alien being coming from another planet.