Tia Cut
Biographical Information
Real Name: Tia
Age: 21
Species: Human
Status: Alive
Physical Description
Gender: Female
Hair color: Dark
Eye color: Unknown
Height: 5'5
Character Information
"This place is going to become paradise too...Toboe. I...finally found my own paradise.'"

Tia is a young girl (a character present only in the manga) who lives in a town where strangers are not allowed to be invited. She finds Toboe being pursued by other town inhabitants and leads him to her home, therefore violating the law. Toboe and her soon form a close bond and it is revealed that she is the descendant of a family guarding mysterious sacred flowers (at first believed by wolves to be Lunar Flower). She is surprised that there are still other towns in this world and tells Toboe the tale of her town - that the sky will fall unto them if strangers are invited because they once picked all the flowers away. Shortly after she tells Toboe that she wants to see the flower bloom together with him, they are detected by the town inhabitants and have to escape. Toboe tells her that she can't come with him because his journey will be a hard one, and she stays, promising him to leave the town to make the flower finally bloom. After she thanks him for giving her the courage to begin her own journey, they promise that they will see each other again for sure. Toboe leaves with tears in his eyes and Hige asks him if he wants to stay with her if he can't bear it, implying that the bond between them both might be romantic.

After the pack defeated Lord Darcia III and brought Paradise into the world, Tia is seen to have succeeded in making the flowers bloom. She states that the flowers told her that the Ice Age has now come to an end, and thinks about Toboe, revealing that she has already found her paradise at this place and asking him if he has found his own.

She is only present in the manga adaption.