Tsume's Gang
City of Howls - 8 tsume walking
Biographical Information
Real Name: Tsume's Gang
Age: 12-27
Species: Half Wolves/Humans
Status: Alive, some dead
Originally From: Freeze City


Physical Description
Gender: Males
Character Information
First appearance: City of Howls

Tsume's Gang appeared to be a group of ordinary people. Tsume is first shown working with a gang of humans, attacking the Nobles' supply ships. However, after he fails to save Ghel from falling, due to the boy's fear of his true form, he splits from them. Soon after, he finds Toboe, protecting the young wolf from Quent. Toboe is mainly responsible for, despite Tsume's resistance, convincing the gray wolf to join the newly-formed pack; Tsume convinces himself that he's only tired of the city, and that's why he's going along.