Tsume's Pack
High Tide, High Time - 52
Biographical Information
Real Name: Tsume's Pack
Age: 2-65
Species: Grey Wolves
Status: Alive/Dead


Physical Description
Gender: Males & Females
Height: Unknown
Character Information
Powers: Fangs , Claws , Transforming In Humans/Wolves
First appearance: High Tide, High Time

"You once asked how I got this scar. Well, members of my pack were being slaughtered! I should've have stayed and helped my friends, but I was a coward and ran away. The members of my pack who were still alive blocked my escape route. They gave me this scar as a reminder of my sin, and then banished me from the pack. I never trusted anybody again. I no longer wanted anything to do with friends... until I met you three. "

Tsume's Pack was a wolf pack that was destroyed for unexplained reasons, though, presumably, by Nobles due to the manner of its destruction. Tsume, being younger in the flashback than in later episodes, explains that he ran. He says the leaders and survivors of the pack saw his cowardice and exiled him. Along with the exile, he was bitten and thrown down by a higher ranking wolf, leaving him with a scar on his chest.