Wolf's Rain
One, 30
Wolf's Rain
Air date October 16, 2004
Written by Keiko Nobumoto
Directed by Tensai Okamura
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Wolf's Rain is thirtieth and final episode of Wolf's Rain.


Darcia has transformed into a wolf and wants to capture Cheza so he can go to Paradise on his own, as Kiba asks Hige to protect Cheza and Blue, which he reluctantly agrees, promising to take care of Blue. Enraged, Kiba and Darcia chase each other to get to her. Hige attempts to defend Cheza, but is tossed away by Darcia, who, after battling and knocking out Kiba, kidnaps Cheza. Blue throws herself at Darcia to stop him, but gets her spine crushed on a sharp rock, as a concerned Hige runs over, shouting her name.

As Darcia makes his way over to a wounded and unconscious Cheza, Blue orders her to run, but is cut off by Darcia, who slams his paw into her throat. While Cheza struggles to get up, Hige bites Darcia's leg, buying her some time to get away, but Darcia tells Hige that he never had a pack, he was always alone as a "Uniquely created wolf", this angers Hige, who defiantly calls Darcia "Freak". Darcia then rips Hige's throat open, to Kiba's horror, but Hige tells him to go after Darcia, for his sake, since he is dying, but after seeing Hige's reassuring smile, Kiba goes after Darcia. Hige wanders over to Blue and she dies in his arms, after he promises to never leave her and he comforts her by stroking her hair. Tsume arrives, but to his shock, sees that Hige has died shortly after Blue did.

Heartbroken, Tsume honours his friend, by howling for him, which Kiba overhears, after mourning his friends' deaths, Tsume sombrely goes after Kiba. Kiba confronts Darcia and is horrified to see him throw Cheza off a cliff to get to Paradise. Despite his best efforts, Kiba fails to grab Cheza in time and while he's distracted, Darcia goes after Tsume, who is vengeful toward him for killing all his friends, but Darcia fatally shoots him in the side, prompting Kiba to run down to him.

Kiba goes over to help Tsume, who angrily tells him to leave without him and orders him to pursue Darcia, but sensing Kiba's hurt feelings, he opens up to him about his insecurities and he knew that when he met him it was obvious he wasn't the one to open Paradise, in an attempt to comfort him. This act of compassion spurns Kiba to go after Darcia, who, creepily enough, has been waiting for him at the cliff's edge, they get into a brief fight, but Tsume arrives to help and saves Kiba.

However, Tsume's injury is too much, claiming he's just tired and he once again tells Kiba to leave, saying that Darcia has to be stopped, but when he refuses, Tsume wishes him luck, by saying, "Let's meet again, next time in Paradise." Kiba gives a nod of respect to him, before running up the cliff, with Darcia and Tsume following him and fighting all the way down.

Once they reach the bottom, Darcia tears off Tsume's leg, his yelps of pain reaching Kiba, who, despite being tempted to go back for him, knows it would only slow him down and would make his sacrifice worthless, as Darcia taunts Tsume, saying that he can't open paradise, but Tsume angrily tells him that he already knows, but then Darcia tells him that he will be the one to open Paradise, but Tsume calls him pathetic, angering Darcia and promoting them to fight once again, with Tsume slicing Darcia's shoulder. After ripping open Tsume's side even more, he collapses and thinks of Toboe, dreaming of him running in a grassy field, encouraging Tsume to come with him and looking relatively happy. Knowing that his death bought Kiba some time and going down like a badass, Tsume passes on peacefully.

Back with Kiba inside the cliff, he asks Darcia why he discarded his nobility and became a wolf. Darcia explains that any Paradise he attempts to open as a Noble would only be an illusion. He understood that Noble's Paradise was fake when he saw it with his wolf's eye and noticed that Hamona wasn't there, as her soul was sucked into Paradise when she was cursed. Darcia also regrets what he has done to Kiba and his friends, but despite Kiba's sympathy for him, he feels resigned to his fate, desperate to reclaim his love for Hamona, saying, "Hamona is waiting for me in our Paradise now."

He further explains that some humans began their existance as wolves but chose to live as humans instead and as time went on they forgot their true heritage and could never change back. Darcia was able to become a wolf by using the stone that Jaguara used to open her version of Paradise.

He then mocks Kiba by saying that paradise is an illusion, because it doesn't contain perfect happiness, saddness, life or death and that he only dragged his in friends to be killed for nothing. Kiba rejects Darcia's claims saying that If he remained a lone wolf, the only thing he would open was a paradise that meant nothing to him and that Hige, Tsume, Blue, Toboe and all the rest of his friends didn't die in vain.

Darcia and Kiba fight one last time as Cheza begins to take root, her limbs lengthening and becoming more and more tree-like. Darcia beats Kiba to death and uproots Cheza, but vomits up Jagura's poison in the process, and realises that it's been slowly destroying his body. Dying, Darcia staggers towards the pool that is the entrance to Paradise and tries to enter.

But Darcia is ambushed and killed by Kiba, when he crushes his neck with his fangs, as Darcia dies, his last thoughts are of Hamona, and he reunites with her in death. Now on the verge of despair, Kiba staggers towards a dying Cheza and collapses in her arms as Cheza explains that she will soon disappear and that this is not her true form and the world will freeze over and go into hibernation for a time.

However, when Paradise opens, the two of them will meet again if Kiba comes to find her. Cheza disintegrates into seeds and withers away into a dried-up Lunar Flower as snow begins to fall, leaving Kiba all alone, who holds her torn and bloody clothes, in sorrow for all that he's lost. The opening scene from episode one is repeated, with Kiba lying in the snow, saying that there is nothing at the end of the road, no Paradise, yet he wonders why he is still driven to look for it.

As Kiba dies, the falling snow turns into a torrent of rain, which washes over the last blank pages of the Book of the Moon, revealing a portrait of Lunar Flowers. The rain sends Cheza's seeds into germination and washes away the old world, into a beautiful Equinox that reveals a blooming Paradise, with a present day city filled with people, containing a single Lunar flower blooming in an alleyway, implying that civilisation has came back.

All the main characters that died are revived and get their own personal happy ending. Toboe is reunited with his Granny, who happily strokes him, Cher and Hubb have rekindled their romance and get married in a church, Quent and Blue are reunited with their family, Hige, wearing his old collar, is surrounded by a pack of wolves, who nuzzle him, implying that he has forgiven his past and himself, Tsume is shown chasing a deer, with his leg restored, his run cycle mirroring Toboe's in his dream.

Kiba then wakes up in a room full of stars, there he is greeted by his old pack, Hamona and even Darcia, which worries Kiba immensely, especially after realizing that he's dead. However, Darcia calms him down, reveals that his wolf's eye has changed to a normal blue colour and explains that after he was killed, he regretted how he acted and has decided to send Kiba back.

When Kiba asks what he means, Hamona shows him his memories of his journey, his friends and all that he's accomplished, so they trasporting back to the world of the living. His parents then show up and they have a tearful reunion, Kiba wants them to come back with him, but they promise that they will always be with him and then Darcia says, "Get busy living, Kiba", before pushing him out of the afterlife and back to the real world.

As Kiba wakes up, he falls into the water in the grassy field of Paradise, he then hears a voice calling to him, the last thing he sees is the moon turning from red to blue and hears Cheza singing her song.

The next scene shows the same city, now raining, where Kiba, Tsume, Hige and Toboe are seen in human form, among a bustling city, with Hige eating a hot dog, Toboe, picking up a small white kitten, notices Tsume, now riding a motorcycle, who recognises him and drives off to meet him. Kiba, still searching for Cheza, is walking in the rain, when he sees her in a shop, looking at him, he then breaks into a run (which parallels the series opening animation) as the series ends. 


Darcia: You've lost everything that was precious to you.
Kiba: I haven't lost anything. Not my friends, or my pride as a wolf. Nothing.

Darcia: The world where you would go hand in hand with the flower maiden has neither perfect happiness, nor joy, nor life. This is because it also does not contain perfect sadness, nor misery, nor death.

Darcia :(to Hige) You never had a pack; you have always been alone, a uniquely created wolf!

(Visibly pissed, Hige glares defiantly at him.)

Hige :(In a bitter, venemus tone) FREAK!

Hige :(to Kiba, dying.) Go after him, hurry! (Kiba looks at him, concerned.) Please, do it. I'm in pain here. (After Hige smiles at him, Kiba goes after Darcia.)

Tsume :(in a calm, warm tone to reassure Kiba.) Let's meet again, next time in Paradise.

Tsume :(to Darcia after he says he will open paradise): Talk about pathetic!

Darcia :(after being killed by Kiba) Hamona...

Kiba: They say there's no such place as Paradise. Even if you search to the ends of the earth there's nothing there. No matter how far you walk it's always the same road, it just goes on and on. But in spite of it why am I so driven to find it?

Darcia :(to Kiba) Get busy living, Kiba.


  • Darcia is not a "true" wolf and so, when he tries to enter Paradise, karma bites him in the ass, as he is killed by Kiba, who can open the true paradise,
  • The final images include the puddle and Kiba running through it that we see in the opening credits of most episodes. This again mirrors the fact that the end of one world is the beginning of another world.
  • Kiba's last words to us in this episode are the same as his first words to us at the beginning of Episode 1. It mirrors the cyclic nature of the world that Wolf's Rain portrays and makes us wonder if perhaps this is not even the first time Kiba has "re-opened" the world.
  • When all the wolves are shown in human form in the new world, Kiba is the only one wearing his original clothes. Tsume is wearing a leather riding jacket, Hige is wearing a blue rain jacket, and Toboe's whole outfit has changed.
  • Cheza is not the way of opening the true Paradise. When she is telling Kiba to find her in the next world, she says that she (as a humanoid) is not the true form of the way to Paradise, but because Kiba protected her the once-extinct Lunar Flowers will bloom in the next world, and he in the next world must find her, and the NEXT time Paradise is opened it will be the Paradise he was seeking all along (a place of perfect happiness, much like Heaven). So, when the world was reborn as Paradise, Kiba finds Cheza again, along with his friends, who have conquered their own personal demons and are all happy, each in their own way.
  • It is possible that when Toboe found the cat with white fur and blue eyes, could've been a reference to Kiba's wolf form.

Final character conclusions:Edit

  • Hige and Blue give their lives to buy Cheza some time to escape Darcia.
  • Hige's body is found by Tsume, as he howls in grief and regret for him. Later on, he sacrifices himself to delay Darcia, so that Kiba can get to Cheza.
  • Darcia (already dying by Jagura's poison) gets killed by Kiba, after trying to open his version of Paradise.
  • Cheza thanks Kiba for protecting her and turns into Lunar Flower seed pods.
  • Kiba wanders out into a dead world, still carring lunar flower, collapses, and sinks into the water when the ice melts. (whether he died by drowning or by entering Paradise as a new being is undetermined)



Is the kitten that Toboe was looking at, is that Blue?


Where was blue

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