Wolf's Rain (Manga) (ウルフズレイン Urufuzu Rein), is a Japanese manga written by Keiko Nobumoto and illustrated by Toshitsugu Iida.

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Differences with the Anime Edit

  • Due to the need to shorten it, the manga cut out the character Jaguara, ending the story at the Darcia's castle. However, Jaguara's soldiers are actively present as antagonists.
  • Blue has a darker role in the manga, she joins Darcia, accepting that the Nobles will use her blood to search for Paradise. She even briefly fight Tsume when the wolves attack the castle. There is no romantic relationship with Hige either.
  • Toboe is a stronger character: He finds the strength to leave behind Tia for her own safety, despite showing feelings for her. When Kiba was captured by the Noble's forces, he's the one to push his comrades to keep on the voyage.
  • Despite how short the story is, the manga introduced new elements and new characters and different fights.
  • During the final confrontation between Darcia and Kiba, because of a mutual attack, Kiba lost his last eye (thus becoming blind), but Darcia himself is seen bleeding and appears to have lost his wolf eye. This event eliminates the possibility that the cursed eye could taint the Paradise, as it occurred in the anime.
  • The whole opening of the Paradise seems to be a completely different event compared to the anime. The world doesn't "end" and there is no apparent reincarnation. In one last dialogue of the ending, that appears to occur after the opening of the Paradise, a mysterious human boy report the news of the Paradise to Tia and he's curious to see what happened.

A pair of young wolves (the ones survived from a slaughter described in the manga) witness the dialogue and wish to reach the Paradise "opened" by the protagonists.

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  • In the original Art-book of Wolf's Rain, it's stated that one of the first draft was that the Paradise was simply the end of the Ice Age.
  • This is hinted in the end of the manga, because Tia says that the "Age of the ice" is going to end, because Paradise has been opened.
  • This mention however doesn't preclude the fact that the protagonists could have opened some kind of gates to the Paradise (as a different world/place).

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