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Wolf's Rain
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Japanese: ウルフズ・レイン
Romaji: Urufuzu Rein
Genre(s): Dark fantasy, Dystopian, Post-apocalyptic
Director: Tensai Okamura
Producer(s): Masahiko Minami

Minoru Takanashi
Go Haruna

Writer(s): Keiko Nobumoto
Composer(s): Yoko Kanno
Studio: Bones Inc.
Licensor(s): Bandai Visual(JP)

Madman Entertainment(AUS)
Anime Limited(UK)

Original Network: Fuji TV
English Network(s): Adult Swim(US)

Rapture TV(UK) AnimeCentral, Vice on TV

Original Run: January 6 — July 29, 2003
# of Episodes: 30

Wolf's Rain (Urufuzu Rein, ウルフズ・レイン) is a Japanese anime series created by writer Keiko Nobumoto and produced by studio Bones Inc..

It was directed by Tensai Okamura and featured character designs by Toshihiro Kawamoto, along with a soundtrack produced and arranged by Yoko Kanno.

It focuses on the journey of four lone wolves who cross paths while following the scent of the Lunar Flower, and their search for Paradise.

A two volume manga adaptation under the same name was later released.

For information on the manga, see Wolf's Rain (manga).


The Wolf's Rain anime was broadcast in several countries throughout the world. Some picking up the anime almost a decade later.

Country Networks Airdate(s)
Japan Fuji TV January 6 — July 29, 2003
United States Adult Swim April 24 — October 16, 2004
Canada Razer TBA
United Kingdom Rapture TV


Vice on TV

November 14, 2005 — July 6, 2006

November 4, 2007

March 11, 2019

Indonesia Animax TBA
Southeast Asia Animax TBA
South Africa Animax


Italy MTV (Italia)


December 21, 2004 — June 14, 2005

April, 2013

Germany MTV Germany

ProSieben Maxx

Animax Germany

February 25 — September 23, 2007

February 7, 2014


France Mangas




January 5 — February 9, 2005

April 2, 2005

August 29, 2005

September 21, 2015

Spain LaSexta




Latin America Animax July 31, 2005 — November, 2006

January — April 29, 2007 (Re-broadcast)

Poland Canal+






Brazil Animax Brazil TBA


According to an old legend, when the end of the world comes, a place known as Paradise will appear. However, only wolves will know how to find it. Although wolves are believed to have been hunted to extinction nearly two hundred years ago, they still exist; surviving by casting illusions over themselves to make them appear human.

Freeze City is a northern human city in a world where the majority of people live in poverty and hardship. Kiba, an injured white wolf, goes to Freeze City, following the scent of the Lunar Flower —the key to opening Paradise. There, he encounters Tsume, Hige and Toboe; three other wolves who were drawn to Freeze City by the scent of the Lunar Flower and took up residence in the city.

The wolves encounter Quent Yaiden and his dog, Blue. Quent is a self-proclaimed former-sheriff of Kyrios who is obsessed with hunting down wolves.

Cheza, the Flower Maiden who is destined to lead the wolves to Paradise, is being studied at a laboratory under the care of Cher Degré. Cheza is awakened by the smell of wolf's blood. As Kiba and Hige approach the lab to find her, she is kidnapped by Lord Darcia the Third, whose ancestors created Cheza.

Despite some initial misgivings and suspicions, they decide to stay together and follow Kiba in his search for the Flower Maiden and Paradise. As they pursue Cheza, the wolves travel through various cities and the remnants of former habitations; meeting other people and animals from various walks of life.

Episode List[]


Episode Thumbnail

Title Original JP Airdate US Airdate
1 City of Howls.png "City of Howls"

"Hōkō no Machikado" (咆哮の街角)

January 6, 2003 April 24, 2004
2 Toboe, Who Doesn't Howl.png "Toboe, Who Doesn't Howl"

"Nakanai Tōboe" (哭かない遠吠え)

January 13, 2003 May 1, 2004
3 Bad Fellow.png "Bad Fellow" January 20, 2003 May 8, 2004
4 Scars in the Wasteland.png "Scars in the Wasteland"

"Kōya no Kizuato" (荒野の傷跡)

January 27, 2003 May 15, 2004
5 Fallen Wolves.png "Fallen Wolves"

"Ochita Ōkami" (堕ちた狼)

February 3, 2003 May 22, 2004
6 The Successors.png "The Successors"

"Uketsugu Mono" (受け継ぐもの)

February 24, 2003 May 29, 2004
7 The Flower Maiden.png "The Flower Maiden"

"Hana no Shōjo" (花の少女)

March 3, 2003 June 5, 2004
8 Song of Sleep.png "Song of Sleep"

"Nemuri no Uta" (眠りの歌)

March 10, 2003 June 12, 2004
9 Misgivings.png "Misgivings"

"Giwaku" (疑惑)

March 17, 2003 June 19, 2004
10 Moon's Doom.png "Moon's Doom" April 7, 2003 June 26, 2004
11 Vanishing Point.png "Vanishing Point"

"Shōshitsuten" (消失点)

April 14, 2003 July 3, 2004
12 Don't Make Me Blue.png "Don't Make Me Blue" April 21, 2003 July 10, 2004
13 Men's Lament.png "Men's Lament"

"Otokotachi no Aika" (男たちの哀歌)

April 28, 2003 July 17, 2004
14 The Fallen Keep.png "The Fallen Keep"

"Botsuraku no Shiro" (没落の城)

May 5, 2003 July 24, 2004
15 Grey Wolf.png "Grey Wolf"

"Haiiroōkami" (灰色狼)

May 12, 2003 unaired
16 Dream Journey.png "Dream Journey"

"Yume no Tabiji" (夢の旅路)

May 19, 2003 unaired
17 Scent of a Flower, Blood of a Wolf.png "Scent of a Flower, Blood of a Wolf"

"Hana no Kaori, Ōkami no Chi" (花の香り, 狼の血)

May 26, 2003 unaired
18 Men, Wolves, and the Book of the Moon.png "Men, Wolves, and the Book of the Moon"

"Hito Ōkami Tsuki no Sho" (人·狼·月の書)

June 2, 2003 unaired
19 A Dream of an Oasis.png "A Dream of an Oasis"

"Oasis no Yume" (オアシスの夢)

June 9, 2003 July 31, 2004
20 Consciously.png "Consciously" June 16, 2003 August 7, 2004
21 Battle's Red Glare.png "Battle's Red Glare"

"Tatakai no Noroshi" (戦いの狼煙)

June 23, 2003 August 14, 2004
22 Pieces of a Shooting Star.png "Pieces of a Shooting Star"

"Ryūsei no Hahen" (流星の破片)

June 30, 2003 August 21, 2004
23 Heartbeat of the Black City.png "Heartbeat of the Black City"

"Kuroi Machi no Kodō" (黒い街の鼓動)

July 7, 2003 August 28, 2004
24 Scent of a Trap.png "Scent of a Trap"

"Wana no Nioi" (罠の匂い)

July 14, 2003 September 4, 2004
25 False Memories.png "False Memories"

"Ayamachi no Kioku" (過ちの記憶)

July 21, 2003 September 11, 2004
26 Moonlight Crucible.png "Moonlight Crucible"

"Gekkōro" (月光炉)

July 28, 2003 September 18, 2004
27 Where the Soul Goes.png "Where the Soul Goes"

"Tamashii no Yukue" (魂の行方)

OVA September 25, 2004
28 Gunshot of Remorse.png "Gunshot of Remorse"

"Kaikon no Jūsei" (悔恨の銃声)

OVA October 2, 2004
29 High Tide, High Time.png "High Tide, High Time" OVA October 9, 2004
30 Wolf's Rain Episode.png "Wolf's Rain" OVA October 16, 2004


Character Japanese English
Kiba Mamoru Miyano Johnny Young Bosch
Hige Akio Suyama Joshua Seth
Toboe Hiroki Shimowada Mona Marshall
Tsume Kenta Miyake Crispin Freeman
Cheza Arisa Ogasawara Sherry Lynn
Cher Degré Kaho Koda Kari Wahlgren
Hubb Lebowski Mitsuru Miyamoto Robert Buchholz
Blue Mayumi Asano Jessica Straus
Quent Yaiden Unsho Ishizuka Tom Wyner
Lord Darcia III Takaya Kurado Steve Blum
Lady Hamona Maaya Sakamoto Peggy O'Neal
Lady Jaguara Atsuko Tanaka Mary Elizabeth McGlynn

For a full list of characters, see Category:Characters.



  • Some of the episodes' original Japanese titles were already in English. These titles remained unchanged when the series was dubbed in English.
  • The last 4 episodes were treated as OVAs in Japan; only viewable by DVD.
  • The last 4 episodes/OVAs aired on Adult Swim in the United States.
  • The anime series was given articles in many magazines, debuting first in Japan in Newtype monthly.
    • Known Newtype USA issues include:
      • January 2003, Vol.2 #1
      • February 2003, Vol.2 #2
      • March 2003, Vol.2 #3
      • July 2004, Vol.3 #7
      • August 2004, Vol.3 #8
      • December 2004, Vol.3 #12
  • The series' settei was featured in the August of 2003 issue of Animage.