Zali's Pack
Zali's pack
Biographical Information
Name: Zali's Pack
Members: Zali


Age: 20s - 80s
Species: Grey Wolves
Status: Inactive (End of the world)
Gender: Females And Males
Episode Information
First appearance: Fallen Wolves

Zali's Pack is a large pack of struggling wolves led by Zali. The wolf pack lives on a mostly-abandoned island city where they wait for the next train to bring more humans for them to work for in return for food.


The pack once lived in an unknown location when Zali and several other members decided to leave in search of Paradise. However, the tunnel they were traveling through was filled with poisonous gas, causing all but Zali to die. Zali came back to the rest of the pack and then returned with them to the island city where the tunnel was located. Afterwards, Zali's pack worked for the humans just to make a living in the city.


After Zali helps Kiba and the others free Hige from the Humans, he and the other wolves go to the tunnel and he states it is as far as he will go and seems to believe he is not worthy of paradise.